News 5/9/2024


"Retro TE-TL" has been added to the Retro Series as a new lineup.


The Retro TE-TL has been added to the new lineup, adopting the hollow body structure of the long-selling model "Pepper Series*" and a traditional maple neck and ash body.

*The basic specification of the Pepper Series is a "Mahogany Neck".

*This is an image photo.


【 Choose from 4 types of body structures 】


"A hollow body all-rounder"
The lightest of all the body structures - completely hollowed out except for a block for mounting the bridge. It is characterized by a brilliant, and rich sound. A flexible choice that is well suited for rock or pop music.

"A great match for jazz and blues"
A model with a rich and warm sounds, due to a top routed full hollow-body design. This variant produces the most beautiful collection of harmonic overtones in all of the body structures. A perfect match for jazz, blues, and beyond.

Semi Solid
"A semi-solid body construction for a freer sound"
with a solid center-block which produces the most compact sound. A strong overdriven sound and a long sustain are the highlights of this type.

Semi Hollow
"Perfect choice for a lead player looking for a fatter and mellower tone"
A special "floating center block structure" is adopted in which the center block is not in close contact with the top and back plates of the body except under the bridge.
It has a fat and mellow sound with long sustain.


about Retro Series 


*Product specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.


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