Original Goods

Original Goods

Two Way Strap (New)

"Two Way Strap" is F.C.G.R.'s first original strap.

The lightweight and versatile "Two Way Strap" will support your comfortable playing.


  • The most distinctive feature is that it is made of high-quality genuine leather and strong and supple nylon laminated with double stitches, which is "Reversible". This allows two ways of use.

A:Front side: Genuine leather / Back side: Used with nylon ≫ Good sliding, allowing the instrument to move smoothly and freely.

B:Front side: Nylon / Back side: Used with genuine leather ≫ It is difficult to slip and it is possible to play while keeping the instrument from moving from the fixed position.

  • The strap body can be removed from the plastic buckle and the front side/back side can be easily inverted.
  • Weight: 160g
  • Length: Maximum 1,500 mm ~ Minimum 900 mm
  • Color: Black


Two Way Strap



1,500mm (Longest)

900mm (Shortest)



PRICE (before tax)


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