100 Year Warranty

We hope that in the future, our guitars will have achieved a supreme vintage status

The guarantee period of guitars made by Freedom Custom Guitar Research is 100 years, from the date of first purchase. This is a declaration of our commitment to supreme quality and no-compromise instrument building. 

So long as the present owner of the instrument retains the original warranty card, the functionality of the instrument is guaranteed - even for second, and subsequent owners. The guarantee covers the functional aspects of the guitar that allow it perform its purpose as a musical instrument.

For example, if during regular use of the instrument the neck warps significantly, beyond what can be corrected by adjusting the truss-rod or conducting a minor service, please bring your instrument to us, together with the original Warranty Card. We will verify whether the defect is indeed covered by the scope of the warranty, and in case it is, we will fix or exchange the body, or neck, as appropriate.

Certain kinds of damage are not covered by the 100-year warranty, including:

  • Damage caused to the instrument due to wear and tear, such as abrasions to the finish, fret-wear, or damage caused to the fingerboard in the process of re-fretting. 
  • Wear on screws, or the wood wherein the screws are mounted, due to frequent use.
  • Damage caused due to accident, or improper use of the instrument (e.g. due to dropping or intentional hitting of the instrument).
  • Damage done in the process of servicing the instrument by a repair shop (or person) other than F.C.G.R..
  • If the instrument is not accompanied with fully filled in warranty card, including the name of the shop of initial purchase, purchase date, and the details of the user (on the registration card).

If the customer information of the instrument's owner change (for example: change of address, or change of name), please notify us of this change by sending a message to our e-mail address at: info@fcgrtokyo.com.

If you are a second (or subsequent) owner of one of our instruments, please contact us by using  this link.

Unfortunately, we cannot issue Warranty Card if it is lost.

In addition to this 100 year warranty, the first owner is eligible to a standard one-year instrument warranty (which is not transferable to second and subsequent owners). 


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