Pepper series

ST Pepper Hollow

Ultra-light weight, warm & rich tone

The most noteworthy feature of this guitar is that despite an ST Style all-mahogany body, its unique hollow structure makes it super lightweight.

The "ST Pepper Hollow" has a unique hollow body structure with no center block inside the body.

It's a rich and warm sounds,beautiful collection of harmonic overtones.


● " ST Pepper Semi Solid " with a tighter sound is also available by installing a center block inside the body.

● Uses Original "Eternal Fret 016WARM" that provide a maintenance-free, natural and comfortable sound. 

● In addition, it comes equipped with a Hybrid Humbucker – an original pickup developed by Freedom Custom Guitar Research.
Even though this pickup looks like a regular Humbucker, it can also produce a very realistic single coil sound. Using the pre-installed Tap Control, the output can be seamlessly adjusted from a humbucker sound to a single coil sound.


Custom Made

● HH, SSH, HSH, SSS and various pickup layouts can be selected.

● Colors can be selected from a variety of color charts.

● Pickguards of various materials can be selected.

● Order and estimate.


● Kotaro Ishibashi ( toconoma )


● Oitan ( ex. Tokyo Karankoron )


● Atsuya Tachibana ( SPARKS GOGO )


● tatsuo  ( Guitarist,Producer )

【 Equipment 】
◆ Guitar:Custom Style ST Pepper(2020 New!!)
- Body:Mahogany 2pc(Hollow Body)
- Neck:Mahogany / Pepper U-Shape
- Fretboard:Rosewood
- Fret:F.C.G.R. SP-SF-06 WARM / 22F
- Pickup:HH (Hybrid Humbucker Type Ⅱ×2)
- Control:1Vol. / 1Tone / 1Tap Ctr. / 3way Switch
- Color:Rose Transparent(Poly)
- Pickguard:Black 3ply

◆ Amplifire
- Fender Hod Rod Deluxe

◆ Location
- F.C.G.R. Show Room


・May 2024
"Stainless Fret", which has been patronized by many users for many years as F.C.G.R.'s original fret, has changed its product name and packaging to "Eternal Fret".
We look forward to your continued patronage.


・February 2020
The logo design of all original guitar and bass products has been changed.


● Online orders can be placed through the following dedicated page

* Product specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.


ST Pepper Hollow Base Price (before tax): ¥482,000

Neck / Shape

Mahogany / Pepper U-Shape




Bolt on 4-Point Joint / Tone Shift Plate 2mm

Nut / Nut Width

Silicone Oiled Bone / 42mm


Eternal Fret / EI-W-016WARM / 22F

Fingerboard (FB)


Fingerboard Radius



GOTOH SD91-P5W(pearl)-HAP-L

Top Position Mark

Dot - White Shell

Side Position Mark

Luminlay - 3mm (Green)

Body Wood (Top & Back)

Mahogany 2pc

Pickups / HH

(2) Hybrid HB TypeⅡ


1Vol. / 1Tone / 1Master Tap Ctr. / 3way Switch


Original Synchronized Tremolo / S108 (10.8mm Pitch)

Neck Finish

Poly ・ Full Flat - Thin Skin Finish

Body Finish

Poly ・ Gloss


D'Addario 10-46


Commitment to carefully selected wood and durability

To build a guitar that sounds great even after 100 years, at F.C.G.R. we select our woods very carefully. The selected wood is stabilized in our special humidity-controlled warehouse for up to one year to eliminate the possibility of warpage later.

Original frets

Our stainless-steel fret wire has been specially developed by F.C.G.R. to be completely rust-proof and reduce the necessity for maintenance for the lifetime of the instrument. Additionally, our stainless steel produces a warmer sound, eliminating the excessive brightness often associated with typical stainless steel frets.

Stability and solid performance

Often guitars and basses are strung up for the first time after the fretwork and set-up have been completed. At F.C.G.R. after the necks are painted, we assemble the full instrument and tension up their strings for a few weeks - this allows the neck to settle into its final stable shape. Using a specially designed rig, we then adjust the frets with the neck in its final playing position, with the same curvature as when strings are present. Through this process we can achieve the highest standard for our fretwork, which cannot be achieved in mass-produced instruments.

Glow in the dark side-position markers

We use Luminlay SG-30 (3mm) side-position markers which gather light and glow in the dark. It is a small touch, but invaluable on a dark stage - where it will allow you to play with greater confidence and less worry about losing your way around the fingerboard.


There is a story behind each of our original colours - and we continue to develop new ones all the time! Since the thickness, and type, of paint and lacquer used influences the resonance of the instrument, we can use our years of experience to produce a finish that brings out the character of your individual instrument. We welcome you to inspect our colour chart, and visit our showroom if possible to see our finishes in person. And if there are colours that you would like on your instrument and cannot see on our page - please let us know, we'll do our best meet your request.

Resilience to humidity and weather variation

All Pepper series guitars have semi hollow bodies, but all of their inner surfaces that are exposed to air are hand coated with lacquer. Similarly, all other holes and countersunk surfaces are also coated with a weather-resistant lacquer. The whole instrument is thus maximally protected to weather variation, and can withstand even a very high humidity environment - like, for example, Japan in the summer.

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