Pedals & Amps


The aim of the pedal is to allow the player to tailor their sound to match the richness of their imagination, and if adjustment is necessary, to permit them to do so quickly - be it in the studio, on stage, or at jam session. Just by looking at the casings, it's impossible to guess what wonderful tones live inside - and we warmly invite you try these out, and find out for yourself!


Stompboxes produced by hand, and with the expertise, of a sinlge builder.

These tools are being used daily by various musicians, studios, and stages. Crafted expertly, with experience of many years' of repair, customization, and research of circuit design. With deep knowledge of both modern music trends, as well as the sound signatures of vintage electronics, the builder has designed stompboxes that give the player utmost peace of mind and confidence in their equipment. Irrespective of your preferences, and genres of music, you can surely create new riffs and phrases including a KATANASOUND effects pedal in your signal chain.


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