News 12/27/2019


2019 New Products!! A six-string addition to the Dulake series


Our original "Dulake Series" instruments are modern basses that fit well into a broad range of genres and playing styles.

The outstanding feature of the new six-string is that it sounds extremely well balanced from the lowest bass to the highest treble notes - all the while retaining great playability.  Due to the shape of the neck and the good body balance, this is an instrument that will be easy to play even for bassists who mainly play on 4-string instruments.



● To obtain a rich and clear sonic response, we use mahogany in both the body and the neck of this bass. This material also has the appropriate characteristics to give the bass a good balance for comfortable playing.

● The neck is reinforced with KTS (titanium) bars in the upper register to enhance stability, and to further bring out the sound of the bass.

● An updated design of both the body and headstock, to accommodate the 6th string. 


The string spacing at the bridge is 18mm, and the bridge is made by Gotoh (model number 303BO6). We have adopted this spacing to make the 6-string instrument easily playable for 4- and 5-string players.

We have designed an original 3-band EQ (Treble/ Mid/ Bass) to allow for on-board tone shaping, and adjustment of balance between high and low pitched strings. 


We have developed a custom humbucker pickup for this model, with the specific aim to give an even response from across all the strings, from low-B up to high-C.



 ● Online orders can be placed through the following dedicated page:,basses.dulake-series.dulake-flat-6st.html

 ● If you wold prefer to fill in a printed paper copy of the order form, please send it to us either by E-mail or fax:

・ E-mail:
・ FAX 03-5855-6278

* The printable order form is available as PDF file at the bottom of this page.

* At the moment, we are only collecting orders for a "Standard style" variant of this bass.

* We are planning to start collecting orders for "Custom" and "Full order" style specifications from next year on.



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