News 5/9/2024


25.5inc - Long Scale (LS) specification has been added as a new option for the "EZa".


EZa - Long Scale (LS) 

● 25in Scale (conventional basic specifications)
It is a slightly shorter scale than a typical vintage style ST type guitar. It is easy to play, and stress-free and comfortable playability can be obtained for those who perform a variety of performances in various positions, from backing to technical lead play.

● 25.5in - Long Scale (LS)  (2023 New Spec. !!)
It is the same scale as a general vintage style ST type guitar. The tension is slightly stronger than the 25in scale. We hope that more guitarists will play the "EZa", and we have added it as a new option.


Custom Style EZa LS-22F

Color:錆御納戸 - Sabionando (SBN)



Custom Style EZa LS-24F

Color:淡麗 Tanrei《響 - Hibiki -》- Hazure



EZa LS-22F ¥269,000(before tax)~
EZa LS-24F ¥281,000(before tax)~



● Online orders can be placed through the following dedicated page

*Prices are as of June 16, 2023.
*Product specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.


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