News 12/23/2022


Announcement of 2022 New Model " Blowzer "


Equipped with an original PB pickup and selectable "PJ" specifications, "Blowzer" has both a wild, fat and warm sound that is typical of PB, and high playability that can be used by bassists of various play styles.

・ New design original body shape
・ Heelless cut joint
・ Blowzer 4st. Nut width is 40mm.
・ Two types of original PB pickups can be selected for the Blowzer 4st.
"PB Vintage" "PB Modern"
* Blowzer 5st. Is equipped with an original pickup developed exclusively for the 5-string model.
・ Equipped with a solid brass 19mm Pitch original base bridge

・ Lineup of 4-string model and 5-string model
・ "PJ" can be selected for both 4st and 5st pickup layouts.
・ You can select your favorite color from various charts.
・ "Poly" and "lacquer" can be selected for the finish according to your preference.

*Product specifications and details,basses.blowzer.blowzer.html

How to order

● Online orders can be placed through the following dedicated page:

● If you wold prefer to fill in a printed paper copy of the order form, please send it to us either by E-mail :
・ E-mail:

* The printable order form is available as PDF file at the bottom of this page.



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