News 4/19/2022


25.5inc - Long Scale (LS) specification has been added as a new option for the Hydra Series.


Hydra Series - Long Scale (LS) 

*Photo:Custom Style Hydra Classic LS-22F / Traditional Color : Black


● 25inc Scale (conventional basic specifications)
It is a slightly shorter scale than a typical vintage style ST type guitar. It is easy to play, and stress-free and comfortable playability can be obtained for those who perform a variety of performances in various positions, from backing to technical lead play.

25.5inc - Long Scale (LS)  (2021 New Spec. !!)
It is the same scale as a general vintage style ST type guitar. The tension is slightly stronger than the 25inc scale. We hope that more guitarists will play the Hydra Series, and we have added it as a new option.


【 about Hydra Series 】
One guitar - endless possibilities
A sublime guitar, crafted to perfection and at home in any musical genre. Like its namesake - the Hydra monster - this guitar can cover every angle.
We have combined traditional luthiery skills with state-of-the art design, and many years of experience, to produce an instrument with a versatile yet vintage tone.


An all-round tour-de-force full of vigor and expressive power
The Hydra is one of our flagship instruments, consisting of an alder back and a flame maple top, the highest quality components, and a 25-inch scale neck. It has a distinctive sound which will make its presence felt in any ensemble, and inspire its player.

* The image is the "old design logo". Currently, all new orders use the "new design logo".

Hydra Classic

Modern functionality with a classic vintage tone
This model retains the modern functionality of the Hydra series while pursuing a more traditional tone. To achieve this, the Hydra Classic has a solid body of ash or alder, and a nitrocellulose lacquer finish on the neck. Overall, a professional quality instrument with a versatile yet traditional sound.

* The image is the "old design logo". Currently, all new orders use the "new design logo".


* 22 fret model and 24 fret model can be selected.

* Bridge can be selected from 2Point type (Wilkinson VG300) and FRT type (Schaller Lock Meister).

* The product names of 25.5inc - Long Scale (LS)  are "Hydra LS" and "Hydra Classic LS".


● Please refer to the following website for product details.,guitars.hydra-series.html



Hydra LS:¥475,000(before tax)~
Hydra Classic LS :¥390,000(before tax)~


● Online orders can be placed through the following dedicated page:

● If you wold prefer to fill in a printed paper copy of the order form, please send it to us either by E-mail or fax:

・ E-mail:
・ FAX 03-5855-6278

* The printable order form is available as PDF file at the bottom of this page.



● Photo by Yuuichirou Kikukawa:


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