News 5/9/2024


Welcome to our shop & show Room “Universal Space” !


Welcome to our shop & show Room “Universal Space” !

F.C.G.R. has a Shop & Show Room ``Universal Space'' where you can directly try and purchase our products, and also consult about custom orders.
( Tax-free shopping is available for foreign visitors to Japan. )

We also have a soundproof room, so you can try playing at high volume.

This location is on the 1st floor of a building located about 2 minutes walk from Machiya Station (Keisei Electric Railway and tokyo metro Chiyoda Line).

Machiya Station has good access from Narita Airport as well as from popular spots such as Ueno and Asakusa, so customers from overseas are also welcome.

We are exhibiting F.C.G.R.'s guitars and basses, as well as accessories and effectors, so please take your time to try out our products.

We look forward to your visit !



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