News 5/9/2024


A new color has been added to the original color series "温故知新-Onkochishin"



The " 温故知新 - Onkochishin - " series uses beautiful traditional Japanese colors.

This color can be selected by ordering F.C.G.R. Guitars & Basses.


In July 2022, two new colors were added.


● 葡萄茶 - Ebicha_(EBC)


● 若竹色 - Wakatakeiro (WKT)


The colors of the "温故知新-Onkochishi" series can be selected by ordering guitar and bass.

"温故知新 - Onkochishin" Color Chart

● Guitars & Basses Estimate

● F.C.G.R. Color Chart


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