News 4/19/2022


2021 New Spec.!! A "24Frets Model" addition to the EZa



( about EZa )

Including our own pick-ups, stainless-steel frets, and extremely thin finishes. Many years from now, we hope you will look at this day with us, and agree: these guitars have what it takes to be thoroughly vintage.  

The EZa guitar has a 25-inch scale neck, with a four-point bolt-on joint. While working on and refining our Hydra guitars, we have drawn inspiration for the body shape of the EZa to develop a comfortable body shape with good upper fret access.

By using traditional woods such as alder or ash for the body, together with an ultra-thin semi-glossy finish on both the body and neck, we allow for the instrument to vibrate most feely, and express its natural tone fully.

You can also decide between a rosewood and maple fingerboard, according to your preference.


● Pickup layout change (SSS / SSH / HSH / HH) and various original pickups can be selected

● "Hybrid Humbucker" can be seamlessly adjusted from humbucker sound to single coil sound by "tap control"



EZa 24F standard style ( 2021 New )

*"Matching head" is a custom style

● The "heelless cut" makes it easy to play the high frets.



EZa 22F standard style

● Traditional style 4-point bolt-on joint with neck joint plate



( Custom Style Option )

● A 2-Point type bridge (GOTOH 510T-FE1 / 10.8mm Pitch) that supports tricky arming play is also available.

● It is also possible to change the neck joint of the 22F model to the same "bush type 4-point bolt-on joint / heelless cut" as the 24F model.

* Additional charge is required for Custom Style Option


● Please refer to the following website for product details.,guitars.eza.eza.html



EZa 22F :¥269,000(before tax)~

EZa 24F :¥281,000(before tax)~


How to order

● Online orders can be placed through the following dedicated page:

● If you wold prefer to fill in a printed paper copy of the order form, please send it to us either by E-mail or fax:

・ E-mail:
・ FAX 03-5855-6278

* The printable order form is available as PDF file at the bottom of this page.


*The image shown above is from a prototype. The finished design and specification may differ slightly.


● Photo by Yuuichirou Kikukawa:


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