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27inc/Super Long Scale (SLS) specification has been added as a new option for the "RRS Bravery".


RRS Bravery - Super Long Scale (SLS)


27inc/Super Long Scale (SLS) specification has been added as a new option for the "RRS Bravery".



Custom Style RRS Bravery / F.C.G.R. Original Color : Soda (SOD)
● 25inc Scale (conventional basic specifications)

It is shorter than a typical vintage style ST type guitar and longer than an LP type guitar. The exquisite tension enables smooth fingering, and stress-free and comfortable playability can be obtained especially for those who perform in various positions such as backing and technical lead play.



Order Style RRS Bravery SLS / F.C.G.R. Original Color : Lightning Joe (LJ)
● 27inc Scale ( Super Long Scale / 2021 New Spec.!! )

It is a super long scale that is longer than the scale used for general electric guitars such as ST type and LP type guitars. Even with low-down tuning such as Half Step Down, Whole Tone Down, and Drop C #, you can obtain a stable tension and accurate pitch. It is a new specification that strongly appeals to players who want to play heavy and loud music on a 6-string guitar.

* For Super Long Scale (27inc) specifications, the product name will be "RRS Bravery SLS".

* Additional charge for Super Long Scale (27inc): ¥ 15,000 (before tax)


【 about RRS Bravery 】

Brightest and roughest member of the RR family. So sharp it may bite!
This is the roughest and wildest sounding of our RR models. To achieve this, we use a maple neck, and a bushed bolt-on neck joint.
For a bright sound with fast attack, we've paired the maple neck with an ash or alder body. A sound that gives you confidence to rock out all night!


● Pickup layout / control

・ SH (F-90 / Hybrid HB): 2Vol. / 1Master Tone / 1Tap Control *
・ SS (F-90 / F-90): 2Vol. / 2Tone
・ HH (Hybrid HB / Hybrid HB): 1Master Vol. / 1Master Tone / 2Tap Control *

* About Tap Control
"Hybrid Humbucker" that creates both single coil sound and humbucker sound. This control can seamlessly adjust the hybrid humbucker sound ⇔ single coil sound.



● Two types of headstock shapes can be selected

The headstock shape is basically 3 + 3 (Standard Style), and Inline 6 (Custom Style) can also be selected.

* There is an additional charge for "Inline 6"


● Please refer to the following website for product details.,guitars.rr-series.rrs-bravery.html


*全て Open Price となります
RRS Bravery (25inc Scale):¥336,000(before tax)~
RRS Bravery SLS (27inc Scale) :¥351,000(before tax)~


● Online orders can be placed through the following dedicated page:

● If you wold prefer to fill in a printed paper copy of the order form, please send it to us either by E-mail or fax:
・ E-mail:

* The printable order form is available as PDF file at the bottom of this page.


● Photo by Yuuichirou Kikukawa:


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